Some thoughts on Craft v1.6

Today Craft released their latest update and, as always, you can see a lot of ambition and care in it. In this post you will find a quick overview of what has been shipped and some notes on things that I think can be improved.

The biggest new feature included in this update is Calendar Notes.


There is now a new icon in the sidebar which allows you to:

On top of this there is a small, for now, feature added inside the daily notes: a really simple and basic task overview.

It’s obvious that this is just the beginning and that the Craft team will pump it up more in the upcoming release. Anyway, I wrote down a short list of things I would look to see implemented or improved in the future.

Possible improvements

Availability on every Space

Right now this new feature is available only in your Personal Documents. If you are like me and like to keep work and life notes separated, this is not optimal.

Craft’s team confirmed they are working on this. They want to get it right, which is great.

Hide (or collapse) past events

This would be helpful if your calendar is full of events. It’s nice to have the ability to add notes to past events but it’s also annoying to be forced to scroll through all of them even if they are no longer needed.

Maybe an option in settings or, even better, a toggle option to collapse past events.

Tasks count should include subpages

Right now only the tasks added to the main page will be counted in the little icon on the top right of your note, which means tasks in meeting notes are not included.

I hope this will be fixed soon enough.

Templates would be nice

Being able to have a structure for daily notes without having to copy and paste it or input it from scratch every time would be a nice addition.

Shortcuts integration

As far as I can see there is no option to connect iOS shortcuts with Craft’s Calendar Notes but I can already thing about some nice ways to input routines, journaling templates, or create an archive for photos and other documents you want to be tied to a specific date.

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