Quickly access your files with Raycast and Shortcuts

Just Open It Hero

If you find yourself often referring to specific documents, lists, or pages (even in apps), you might find this interesting.

I have a Craft document where I save all the links to everything I am currently working on, similar to pages you often find online, and it’s called “🚀 Now”.

Craft - Now Document

Even if I starred it in Crafts, accessing it is still cumbersone most of the times. Until I got an idea that combines using Siri Shortcuts and Raycast.

Step 1: Shortcut 2

So here it comes: probably the most stupid Shortcut you’ve ever seen.

Open Craft document Shortcut

Yep, there is nothing else. I just need it to open that document and show Craft.

Step 2: RayCast

Go to Raycast > Preferences > Extensions and add an Alias to the shortcut. In this case I used “now”.

Raycast - Extensions Settings

Step 3: Run it

Now you can just run Raycast using ⌥ + Spacebar (or replace Spotlight's shortcut with it), type the Alias you chose for your shortcut and voilà.

P.S. You definitely can recreate the same thing by just using Spotlight and Shortcuts but you will have to play around with the shortcut name to make sure it’s always the first result, while with Raycast that is not a problem.

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